How do you make openBVE routes?

Started by Supreme DripLord Doggo, Mar 26, 2021, 07:29 PM

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While scrolling through the OBND Facebook, I saw that Emmanuel posted a 5 minute video of his developing route of an F train to Union Turnpike from 179th Street. I am a starter to openBVE developing, and I want to start making my own routes. Step by step, may someone help me out how to make routes? I like TrainKidKris explanations because he explains them thoughtfully and thoroughly.

It's been a week after I asked this question, may someone answer?

Too explain that will be to much. What do you specifically need to understand in routes. Learning anything route development requires you to do most of the work rather that us just telling you what it should be. Figure out what you need then we can answer.

the dikes, freeobj's and station coding along with rails.

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