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Started by LaGuardia Link N Train, Dec 24, 2020, 09:29 PM

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Random Thoughts regarding the NYC Subway system go here. To start things off, I think that Dyckman Street on the (1) is one of the most interesting stations in the system, given how mountainous the Washington Heights/Inwood Area is.

Dyckman Street use to have a rail storage area back in the days. Currently it was ripped out and replaced with a parking lot and oil shed for a elevator division.

How big of a storage space was it?
ig: @oneshot.exe

This is what it use to look like.

It is the beginning of the end for the R46s. :(

Quote from: BroadwayNassauR160 on Jan 05, 2021, 09:08 PMIt is the beginning of the end for the R46s. :(
Well the 211's haven't arrived just yet, and AFAIK, only the base order has been confirmed to be delivered, which should replace the R44's in Staten Island and the worst performing R46's, which I presume are all on the (A) Line.

Drew up a hypothecial situation on What if the (MTA) had decided to completely shutdown the Rutgers Tube until Rehabilitation was complete. I wonder how much money and resources they could've saved by implementing a complete shutdown. But knowing them, they probably haven't considered this option. Other than that, here's what would've been changed in my opinion:

(F) Trains would've terminated at Delancey Street instead of the (E)

(G) Trains could've been sent to Coney Island on Weekdays in Place of the (F), maybe running some 160's in the process. Maybe some trains could've terminated at Jay Street to then wrong rail into Bergen Lower Level. (Not sure how feasible that is)

*Work in the Rutgers Tubes could've gone by much sooner, and assuming that the budget allocated to this tunnel rehabilitation stayed the same, a CBTC conversion of signals could've been added into the mix. (So that the signals could at least be CBTC Ready)
*East Broadway I know is getting a rehabilitation, would've been nice if York Street got one too. Now, ADA Accessibility, while I think that both stations should receive it, its a shame that it outside of the scope of the Rutgers Tube Shutdown (even though thats not the main focus)

Here's the map:

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