How do I merge routes?

Started by Yung_Khalil, Mar 08, 2021, 06:36 PM

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@TrainKidKris I think this person is saying how to merge routes. You can show us any examples.

Give me some time I'll put together something

it's almost been a month since you haven't responded. Is everything alright?

To merge a route you need to have already a good understanding of how routes work and how to code the CSV route , first choose the csv route which you will be using to convert to a merged route , then a secondary route csv which you will copy code from to add to the merged route csv. Inside your primary route csv file find the section you want to keep and erase the rest , here is a boring , and i mean very very boring process of converting the secondary code's positions to connect to where the section you kept in your primary csv file ends by subtracting each position instruction until it transitions correctly, then here is another very very very long and even more boring process of converting the secondary csv file's object indexes to not conflict with the primary route's indexes (this is usually done by adding '100' in front of each object index from the secondary file, then updating the code in each specification of the secondary objects to match with the newly converted object indexes. This is NOT recommended if: 1. You are a beginner in route development , 2. you are easily bored or are already bored and hope to 'have fun' with this 3. you are not patient!

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