OBND IRT Seventh Avenue Project [1-2-3]

Started by Trainkidkris, Dec 26, 2020, 11:55 PM

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The official OBND Project for 2021 has begun on the IRT 7th Avenue! We are currently making progress by planning and gathering resources such as RFW videos/Textures and Sounds. The development for this project has been in the works from 2020 and will continue into the New Year of 2021. The IRT 7th Avenue project will be built from scratch and will try to minimize utilizing the older legacy folders such as Culver/LisaRaye/NYCT Object and older folder not mentioned. This route will consist of update signs/signals and textures. The IRT package will come with more than one route in both directions. We will include SMEE announcements for those users who are interested in the non NTT version, this route will also come with scenarios when we are finished with the main routes.   ;D  ;D

The following routes will be included in the package:

(1) IRT 1 South Ferry to 242 Van Courtland Park
(1) IRT 1 242 Van Courtland Park to South Ferry
(2) IRT 2 241 Wakefield to Flatbush Avenue
(2) IRT 2 Flatbush to 241 Wakefield
(3) IRT 3 New Lots Ave to Harlem 145
(3) IRT 3 Harlem 145 to New Lots Ave

The OpenBVE Development team will post photos and updates to what is done and what is being done on this route. We will not have an estimate for release and will try our best to keep the project in development! We thank you all for being apart of this group and what we are in progress of doing. If you wish to contribute to the project in certain ways please let us know. However do not waste our time as we have a lot to undertake on this project!


Updates for the IRT Seventh Avenue project: The OBND development team have sent these photos for the work were doing on this project. The team is working on different tasks everyday, were building fresh objects and scenery, editing textures and creating everything. Many more updates in February will be posted here. The project is still underworks.


Looking forward to seeing a new and fresh of NYCTA on OpenBve...]
I deeply appreciate all the hard work that goes behind the scene in making this all possible...

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