OpenBVE Multiplayer Phase 2: Migration into version 1.8

Started by Trainkidkris, Feb 11, 2023, 10:27 AM

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Starting Monday February 13 2023 we are officially moving OpenBVE Multiplayer into 1.8!!

We have cleaned up most of our problematic issues and have now decided the time is now to upgrade the software that was on 1.4.3 into the latest stable version. With moving multiplayer into 1.8 you will be able to: Have higher fps and increase players from 10 to 20+, use the 3D R160/R68/R143/R32 with less issues than on 1.4.3, developers no longer need to modify content to work on the legacy bve version, use all the features provided in 1.8 without combability worries and more!

Since we are moving into a higher version we want to announce there will be no ETA due to unforeseen events that can occur. However, we will update you every step of the way on what is going on behind the scenes! Soon having BVE multiplayer be apart of regular OpenBVE users will soon be able to play single player with our additions to the program at anytime!

During this time I recommend this message be spread to EVERYONE! Developers/3rd Party Developers/etc: USE THIS TIME TO UPDATE YOUR OPENBVE CONTENT! When multiplayer drops you don't want to be scrambling to clean up trains/routes/sounds etc. Start your planning now! Reform your objects/content!

As we are in February of 2023 the progress continues! We hope many of you are willing to continue with us on this journey to the future! For those willing to join our team on @Multiplayer BETA Tester information will be posted within time in community-job-posting. Any questions/concerns ideas etc.

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