Tokyo, Osaka, Guangzhou and Nanning addons for OpenBVE

Started by Tommy K, Jan 03, 2023, 02:29 AM

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Tommy K


I'm here to show you some addons me and my team developed for OpenBVE. Addons include Osaka Loop Line, Keiyo Line, Guangzhou Metro Line 7, Guangzhou Metro Line 5 and Nanning Metro Line 1. I think lots of you guys have already tried some Japanese addons but it's probably the first time to see Chinese addons, so you definitely should try them especially the Guangzhou Metro Line 7 and Nanning Metro Line 1.

All the addons I mentioned can be found at

And please note that I only represent myself here, in other words this is not a post from the SGMSC production team. I'll try my best to update this post if people do have interests in my content, but to be sure you may follow the SGMSC official accounts on Facebook or Twitter, username: @railsimstudios (same for Facebook and Twitter). 

Feel free to reply or message me for questions.

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