Recruiting New Dispatcher for OBND Multiplayer Events

Started by Trainkidkris, Sep 08, 2021, 08:22 AM

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Good day all members of the OBND community today we are posting a job below for all members who would like to participate. Please read and follow the instructions below for how to apply to the job and good luck!

OBND Dispatcher
The Coordination Team is looking to recruit 10 dispatchers or more and have them qualified by the end of year and on standby to help us move trains within a multiplayer session. The multiplayer session is known as "runs". Runs are known as roleplay multiplayer events, we use a dispatchers sheet and Teamspeak 3 to communicate with trains to track their location and enter that information into a spreadsheet to prevent a collision known as a derailment. Once a derailment happens dispatcher will investigate and work with the administration team to determine the cause of the said accident and implement proper rules/training procedures to prevent these issues.

Dispatcher Training will be done in 2 Sections:

Roleplay Training: While doing roleplay training you will learn the following: How to use the dispatchers sheet, setting up trains, technical troubleshooting and communication. While doing roleplay training you will eliminate the time spent in the next class learning how to do the basics. There is no test needed for RP training.

Official MP Training: Runs the future will be done via a dispatchers board and the dispatchers sheet for future runs we need all dispatchers qualified. Once a dispatchers qualified the roles below listed will be assigned per session as follows.


Lead Dispatcher/Superintendent: Are the main commanders in charge of the session, their job is to make sure the run is set up correctly and being performed as per OBND Rules.
Local Tower: Local Tower will be in charge of 1 borough [Bronx,Manhattan,Brooklyn and Queens]. They will be in charge of supervising all trains in their jurisdiction. Towers will be in charge of assisting trains with issues, keying out signals, instructing trains to bypass stations and assist with other problems that occur within their jurisdiction.

Local Tower Assistant: Tower Assistants will be in charge of managing the run sheet, service advisory and communicating with other towers to ensure information is received and entered correctly to keep trains moving.

Rail Control Center: Rail Control Center is responsible for working with the lead dispatcher known as the "Superintendent" to ensure the entire session is moving forward smoothly. RCC will have higher authority over local towers for the run and will be in charge of overseeing and ensuring signaling and trains are following the rules n regulations.

We understand that dispatching trains is a lot of work and isn't meant for everyone. As we are recruiting new dispatchers to the team you will not be alone, we will work with you and have a qualified member working with you to prevent you from being lost.  Without dispatchers, planning a run is difficult and we often loose members or they end up disappointed that an event was cancelled. If you feel your up for this challenge and want to be apart of our dispatching team join us on discord and comment that your interested below! We hope to see you there!


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