[OSCA] Dispatchers Training for BVE Multiplayer Runs

Started by Trainkidkris, Apr 19, 2021, 02:00 AM

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[OSCA]OpenBVE School Car Academy: The OBND Coordination staff is recruiting new dispatchers today to help assist the current team in moving trains quickly and efficiently. As a dispatcher in our virtual multiplayer academy, you will be trained and certified to dispatch our members and supervise those operators who move trains in all divisions of the virtual subway system.

To be a certified dispatcher you must complete 2 forms of training!

Training 1: You will learn about the OBND School Car Rules n Regulations, this book is governing all operators in OBND Multiplayer sessions. You will be required to learn the basic rules for operating and procedures that are necessary under roleplay. 

Training 2: You will learn about the OBND Dispatchers Rules n Regulations, this book governs all dispatchers for guiding trains through OBND Multiplayer sessions. All dispatchers will use this training to keep ensure that runs are performed to their highest ability.

Training will be hosted on Teamspeak 3 from April-June 2021 5pm-7pm

Please visit the OBND Teamspeak 3 Server for the classes!

Teamspeak 3: www.teamspeak.com
Teamspeak 3 Server IP: ts.openbvenews.com

We hope to see you there!