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Started by BroadwayNassauR160, Jan 01, 2021, 08:11 PM

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If you're new to this entire process and are looking for a hands on experience with primarily MTA related content, you've found the perfect place. On behalf of myself, Coordinator BroadwayNassauR160 and all other coordination and administration members, welcome to OpenBVE News and Development! We are so glad to have you. This post regards generally on installing OpenBVE and I will guide you throughout this process, so let's get started.

There are currently two ways, that I know of on how to install OpenBVE:

1. Installing it manually. (In other words, by scratch)
2. Downloading my package. (which saves time)

There are pros and cons to each of these methods. With method one, starting from scratch would be beneficial because you'll be able to easily diagnose whether or not a file has been corrupted when it comes to installing new routes and trains and act accordingly. The con is, well, starting from scratch which can be annoying and is time consuming, as well as not being able to get most of the released routes that I have received from our team. The pro with downloading my package is the fact that you'll get most of, not only the required trains and routes of our runs, but you'll get the most updated ones on most of the equipment and it will also save a lot of time. The con of this method is the fact that MANY FILES MAY BE CORRUPTED depending on your computer. However, 8/10 times it's barely noticeable. NOTE: Please see the attached Flickr links for reference to the steps required to properly download and install OpenBVE.

Method 1: Starting from Scratch

Before anything, you must install either WinRAR or 7 Zip. They're both free and easy to use. I personally recommend using WinRAR. Here's the link:

It's up to you to figure out which version you need. Your computer is either a 34 bit or a 64 bit version. Most computers are a 64 bit version however, you have to confirm that. Once you've confirmed that, click on "continue to download", then save the installation file to your "Downloads" directory. Once it's done downloading, open it, and then continue as directed from the prompts.

Once you have it installed, go to this website:

You may have noticed that this link is an installation guide based on OpenBVE's 1.4.3 version. This is not a mistake. Version 1.4.3, is one of the most stable and forgiving versions, especially if you have an old computer that has an Intel i5 processor or lower. If you have such a computer then believe me, you will want to download this version instead of downloading a more recent version, say 1.6 and above. If you're downloading 1.6 and above despite my warnings DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! (If you want to download a newer version and think your computer can handle the newer version(s), you can skip to Method 2)

Click on the OpenBVE link and then save it to your downloads.

Once that's done, double click on the file and extract it anywhere you like. I personally like to extract it on my desktop because it's the easiest way to access OpenBVE. NOTE: The extracted files need a folder so just make one on your desktop and extract it there. I just label it "OpenBVE" to make life easier.

Once that is done, go back to the website and select the "installation directions" link just below the "OpenBVE 1.4.3" link and to the right.

We're almost there. When you're on that page, there are a few more things to install and add to your program before playing. Follow the instructions on the second, third and fourth bullet points. Depending on your computer, whether it's a Windows 8 or above, you may or may not have NET Framework 4. My advice is to download and install it anyway.

Method 2: OpenBVE (BroadwayNassauR160)

My package features all, if not, most routes that have been accessed at some point between my first days joining the OBND team up until about February of 2020. They feature current equipment and are within their respective departments, the IRT, BMT & IND. Simply access one of the two links and download it. You can save it on your desktop to access it easier. The reason why I made this file available for everyone to download is so that in case someone's computer crashes for some reason and you've lost all of your files, you can get a good portion back without having to worry about redownloading OpenBVE as well as not having to worry about downloading dependencies from, for example, BVEStation. This file is also for new members who don't quite know how to download OpenBVE and would like a head start. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS! I can not stress this enough. This file has been made solely for the purpose of education and entertainment. Just make sure you have OpenAL downloaded and installed. I believe that's all you need if you're downloading just my pack.

AND THAT'S IT! You have successfully downloaded OpenBVE! We hope this has been very helpful information for you, now enjoy!



OpenBVE stable versions now come as an installer package which lets you install it like any other program

Simply download from the official website:
Happy to help


I understand that. However, if you look at the bottom of my original post, method 2, is my own version over OpenBVE, that I uploaded, with my own content that I have accessed over the years, (BroadwayNassauR160, so that certain people who don't want to constantly ask for content, won't have to as this package has most of the released content.

Quote from: SP1900 on Mar 23, 2021, 09:07 AMOpenBVE stable versions now come as an installer package which lets you install it like any other program

Simply download from the official website:

Now in response to your comment, for those that decided to go that route, can download this version (BroadwayNassauR160 as well and then migrate all of the dependencies, objects, trains, etc. to the other, more updated, stable versions of OpenBVE. In the future I will make sure to update as much and as best I can so that our community can have everything we need for future events/announcements. So stay tuned for that.


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