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Started by LaGuardia Link N Train, Dec 29, 2020, 06:29 PM

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LaGuardia Link N Train

It's come to my attention that many of y'all have an interest in the history of the subway's expansion along with other proposals that never came to fruition. In this topic, we will be talking about proposals and ideas that you all have. (And please don't limit these proposals to just routes, it'd be nice to see proposals of station adjustments, rolling stock, etc.) Keep in mind that this is a fantasy Thread but feel free to take real world limitations into account. Anyways, I'll start things off with my own version the (R) split proposal that was made some time ago. (Link to the map at the bottom of this post)

(R) Trains will run 6-8 Trains Per Hour (TPH) from Bay Ridge-95th Street to Chambers Street in Manhattan then terminate.
(W) Service will be expanded from 7 TPH to 15 TPH in order to cover for the loss of the R on Broadway, this will not only allow for more (W) Trains to enter Brooklyn but also boot most (N) Trains to 96th Street.
In order to cover for the loss of (R) service on Queens Blvd, a new (K) service shall be introduced on Queens Blvd, running alongside the (M) between Forest Hills-71st Avenue and 36th Street. Between 36th Street and 50th Street, the (K) will replace the (M) on 53rd, rerouting all (M) Trains to 63rd Street to run alongside the (F). Below 50th Street, this new (K) Line can either run express along 8th Avenue and replace (C) service in Brooklyn or run local to WTC, which will cause a radical change in how service is run along CPW, specifically with the (C) and (D) lines swapping roles, which would be dependent on the (C) Train getting 10 car/600' trains.

What do you all think? Is there anything that I can change to make this proposal better? What outside factors did I forget to take into account? And do any of you have a proposal or idea that you'd like to share out with the group?

LaGuardia Link N Train

Question. How do you all feel about the concept of deinterlining?:

(For those who don't know. Deinterlining is a fancy term used to describe detangling the subway system in an effort to streamline service and overall subway capacity. This usually comes with the trade off of giving up a one seat ride)

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