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Title: January 22nd Birthday Run - Train Simulator
Post by: R160Bdude on Jan 22, 2021, 01:05 AM
BVE News n Development: Bay Head or Dover to Moynihan Penn Station

Happy New Year to all OpenBVE News and Development Members.

On January 22nd, 2021 2200HRS at (10 PM) the OBND coordination team has hosted an event for 2021 including a Birthday run for one of our Senior Members, Mr.Bisono (Lightning Monkey)!

For this run, we will be doing a run on TS2021 on the North Jersey Coast Line and/or the NJT Morristown Line The same information is listed below and on our YouTube page!

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Train Simulator:

Train Simulator Addons:

Morristown Line:


Equipment to be used is:
The ALP 45 DP (Electric going into Moynihan Penn Station), Arrow III, Multi-levels, and Comet V

To join us you must have Teamspeak 3 Downloaded:
Teamspeak 3 Download Link:
Teamspeak 3 Server IP: or use

Please be there on time!!